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The Eternal Struggle of the Cruiser

or How NOT to Gain Weight on a Cruise We've all heard the standard cruise joke: " People go on a cruise as passengers but disembark as cargo". Cruise lines promote their cuisine, and so they should as it is designed by world famous chefs. We see it in promotional advertising, receive ship’s recipes by [...]

The Eternal Struggle of the Cruiser2016-12-28T23:41:42+00:00

Are you River Cruise Material?

So, you’ve done the ocean cruises, visited all the islands of the Caribbean, explored the wonders of Alaska and marvelled at the ancient sites in the Mediterranean. And now it's time for something different. The Rhine You have heard that river cruising is much different than ocean cruising: the ships are smaller – [...]

Are you River Cruise Material?2016-12-28T23:41:51+00:00
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