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Bran Castle ~ A Destination to Sink Your Teeth Into

Bran Castle, Romania Flying to or from Budapest on a river cruise vacation? While you are in Hungary, you should consider staying a few days to explore nearby Romania as well. Though a bit far away for a day trip (even two), you might wish to consider visiting  Bran Castle tucked away on the Transylvania [...]

Bran Castle ~ A Destination to Sink Your Teeth Into2016-12-28T23:41:16+00:00

Exploring Amsterdam

Amsterdam and its Canals Flying to Europe from North America often leads you to Amsterdam. If you cruise in northern European or take one of the popular river cruise vacations into the heart of Europe, you will likely cross paths with this city as a beginning or end point. One of the favorite pastimes of [...]

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The Lure of the Lorelei

A Rhine River Tale The story of Lorelei is a romantic tale authored by Clemens Brentano at the beginning of the nineteenth century which evolved into or became blended with another story of a woman made famous in a poem of the same name later in the century by H.Heine. Was the tale based [...]

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An Open Air Museum Did you know that to see the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean you need to visit what was at one time referred to as Asia Minor? This would be the ruins of the once mighty city and seaport, of Ephesus in Turkey. City of Ephesus [...]


The Fortress City

San Juan, Puerto Rico If you are cruising the southern Caribbean, chances are you may leave from this cruise port. No, it’s not in Florida, but on the island of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a territory of, and protected by, United States. This cruise port is the city of San Juan, home to about [...]

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