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Put your tray tables away and place your armchair to the most relaxing position. Today your mind will be flying around the globe, discovering new podcasts, diving into one-of-a-kind Australian experiences, spending the perfect weekend on a Florida island and more.


We’re able to discuss so many places because travel advisors are true experts. Even though we’re well-versed in most destinations and travel styles, we each have special areas of expertise where we shine. These can include specific destinations, resort chains, destination weddings, safaris, river cruises, luxury or more. When travel resumes, you can trust our expertise to help you get the most out of your vacation.


Enjoy this week’s travel inspiration, including this short video about our travel expertise. And remember — Dream Now, Travel Later!

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This Week's Travel Inspiration
14 movies where locations are the star

8 New Podcasts to Discover

With time on our hands and travel in our hearts, now is a great chance to dive into a new podcast or three. While there are thousands to choose from, here are our picks for the ones you should definitely give a listen to.



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Top vacation spots for beer lovers

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences in Australia

Australia sometimes seems like a world away. But oh what a world it is! Where else can you see kangaroos and koalas in the wild or get up-close and personal with the largest living structure on earth? While there’s certainly much more we could have added to this list, here are seven once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Australia you should definitely consider.

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Romantic getaways across North America

A Weekend at Sanibel Island

Known for its shells, sand and cycling, Sanibel Island, set just off the coast of Florida, is the weekend destination of choice for those who crave a much-needed escape. Travel writer Jeannine Williamson shares a picture-perfect weekend itinerary that captures the magic of this island gem.

Traveling Tunes

The Colorful World of Travel

Adult coloring books have grown in popularity over the last decade, becoming a fantastic outlet for kids of all ages to engage in an artistic, screen-free activity. So grab your colored pencils and gel pens, sharpen your crayons in the back of the box and print out these inspiring coloring pages featuring iconic travel scenes across Europe.

Eye-Opening Virtual Tours

Real stories on how travel advisors aid their clients.


“My husband and I just went on the most amazing trip to Maui. It was our first time to any of the Hawaii islands, and we didn’t know where to stay or what to do. [Our travel advisor] was a Hawaii expert who was more than amazing by helping us plan everything. She booked us incredible excursions we will remember for life. She was so patient with me during the planning and had lots of suggestions and made everything so easy and seamless. She sent us a package with all our documents for each excursion completely organized. We are more than happy with her services and will recommend her to anyone we know.”        
Emily M.

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